NCAG our Facebook group is kick starting its tutorial week an initiative that aims to teach people who are interested in the art of comic making how to make comics in a stage by stage process. here’s a message from the groups admin announcing the beginning of tutorial week.

” Hi guys so we decided to kick start a new initiative called ncag tutorial week

basically for seven days we will share with you tips tricks and videos

that wil help you , guide you through the process of making a comic book from start to finish

we aim to enlighten  and empower those who care to participate during the seven day period


i personally implore you guys to participate , share and comment fill free to ask questions and if

your not comfortable asking it openly inbox me and my fellow admins.

and to those with a working knowledge of making comics, digital illustration and art please i hope

you will share with us tutorials and tips that have helped you  with the

hash tag #teachNko .

for this process we’ve made several videos , a three pages of a comic which we will give you a process by process

breakdown to the finished work and several videos which i’ve made personally to assist you in

digital coloring


to participate is quite simple you don’t need to do a video , or make your own tutorial

if you can that’s fine if you cant its all good but for the duration of the week

you can help by posting sharing works that have encouraged you to do better, inspired you

tutorial images that you have used and whatever has helped you to become a better artist


please willingly participate to make this exercise successful. you might make the difference in

someones life today

  • MAX “

these tutorials will be made available on NKO in our tutorial section , what do you think about Ncags tutorial week?


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